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Make Your Guests Feel Valued with a Festive Sparkle

Showing your guests you’ve thought about how to make their stay extra special goes a long way, and can make the difference between a one-off-stay and a repeat customer.

It doesn’t have to cost much as it’s the gesture that counts, but going above and beyond for your guests like this will result in great reviews and recommendations from happy travellers. Something every good serviced accommodation owner strives for!

A special welcome

It’s commonly said that you only get one chance to make a first impression, so why not start off on the right foot and provide your guests with a thoughtful surprise when they arrive.

This could be as simple as Christmas card, containing well wishes for the season and their stay in your accommodation. Although there is the option to have these printed with a generic message, a personalised, handwritten note has a bigger impact and clearly demonstrates the value you place on each and every guest.

Some festive treats, such as some candy canes or mince pies, will never go amiss and are easy to come by at this time of year.

To go one step further you could provide your guest with a small gift or welcome basket. Why not choose something with a local connection to where your accommodation is? A local delicacy perhaps, or a craft item from a local maker?

If you have a family with young children staying, you could even give them some Christmas crafts kits, in case the weather prevents them from getting out and about.

Add some festive touches

Staying away from home during the festive season, shouldn’t mean you miss out on that festive feeling while relaxing in your accommodation. Putting up some decorations or a Christmas tree won’t break the bank, but it can transform the feel of a room – and brighten up someone’s day!

To help your guest feel even more at home, you could provide some festive mugs or tea towels for them to use, or even some themed toilet paper!

Help them get involved with what’s going on nearby

Regardless of whether your guests are staying in your accommodation for business or leisure, they may be interested to find out about all of the festive goings-on happening nearby.

You could provide them with a list of upcoming festive events, information on the best places to do their Christmas shopping or signpost them to the best places to eat, drink and celebrate. You could even source vouchers for them to use during their stay.

Small gestures, such as the ones above, not only make your guests feel welcomed and valued, they set you apart from your competitors. If you’d like us to manage your serviced apartment and help you build a bank of satisfied loyal customers get in touch today.

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