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Visiting your son or daughter at a Nottingham University

It’s that time of year where, for many parents, the family nest has just become that little bit emptier as their children go off to university. And, here in Nottingham, the city becomes a lot busier once again! In fact, the city is home to two popular universities and sees around 60,000 students arriving each year.

Visiting your son or daughter at a Nottingham University blog image

If you’re one of those parents who has a now grown-up child heading to university, you may already be thinking about going to visit them. Yes, they’ll be home during the holidays (potentially with their dirty laundry for you to do), but it’s nice to be able to visit them and see where their lives are now based first hand. And, why not turn it into a short break so you can recharge your batteries while you’re at it?

We’re here to help you find the perfect place to stay when visiting a student at Nottingham Trent University or The University of Nottingham. Convenient enough to where your child lives, without being in their pocket and close to transport links so you can explore the rest of the city. While they may be happy staying in shared accommodation with a group of rowdy students and a shared kitchen, it doesn’t mean you have to forgo a taste of luxury.

Visiting a University of Nottingham student

The University of Nottingham has five campuses in Nottingham, though the majority of them are within a couple of miles of each other so the majority of students who attend Nottingham University live in the same few neighbouring residential areas.

One of the nicest areas to stay among these is Beeston. It’s a bit quieter than the other areas favoured by students, and so is particularly favoured by postgraduates – and visiting parents!

We have two gorgeous serviced houses in Beeston that are the perfect place to stay for a short break in the city. And, they’re big enough so the rest of the family can come along too.

Both properties boast fully equipped kitchens, family bathrooms with baths and complimentary toiletries, living rooms with flat-screen TVs and free on-street parking. Our Trent Road house also has a private patio garden for you to enjoy.

Visiting a Nottingham Trent student

The main Nottingham Trent campus is in the city centre so you have a huge choice of places to stay that you can choose from. If you want to stay in the heart of the city centre, we have serviced apartments to suit all tastes, group sizes and accessibility needs. You can search through all of our properties here, or get in touch if you’d like us to match one to your specific needs.

One of our particular favourites located near the Nottingham Trent city campus is the stunning Raleigh Loft serviced apartment. This two-bedroom apartment is located just outside of the city centre making it that bit quieter, yet it is only a short walk from the centre, university campus and one of the popular residential areas for Trent students.

If your child is based at the university’s Clifton or Brackenhurst campuses, you will find regular bus routes from the city centre so you can tour their place of study, while enjoying all Nottingham has to offer.

As with the serviced houses mentioned earlier in the article, all of our properties are self-contained and include a fully-fitted kitchen, modern bathroom, and a living area. You will find a home away from home with tea and coffee waiting for you on arrival, Netflix and hotel-quality linen.

Your child going to university is always going to be a bittersweet occasion, so why not make the most of it and treat yourself to a short break in style while you go to see them?

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