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We are incredibly excited to be partnering with

The Yoga Lounge, Bingham,

to bring you the ultimate in guest experience. 


Whilst in the comfort of your accommodation, you can join live online classes with a host of the teachers at the studio. 


As a guest of PRIM, you get to enjoy yoga practices for just £4 per class. 


The Yoga Lounge has a range of wonderful teachers with different styles & offers classes from complete beginners to advanced, breath-work for calming your stress, meditation, over 55’s classes, core practices, gentle yoga, children’s yoga, charity collaborations.

To purchase a pass please visit the link below.

It will ask you to quickly register email, name & phone number

you can then purchase the pass:


Enter discount code:  TYLPRIM


Purchasing your pass does not book you onto the class itself. 


You will then need to visit the live schedule to choose & book your place onto the class you would like to attend.  The live schedule can be visited here:


All you need is a space to practice & Zoom to join in.  Shortly before your class starts you will receive an email with the Zoom link. Just open the link a couple of minutes before the practice begins, to give you time to meet the teacher.

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