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Why choose a serviced apartment for business travel

When you’re looking to book accommodation for a business trip for yourself or someone else from your company, hold off on doing an internet search for hotels near the conference centre or offices you're visiting, or which are the best hotel chains for business travel. Instead, try searching for serviced apartments near where you need to be.

Why choose a serviced apartment for business travel

What are serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments is the phrase used to describe apartments that are rented out to people for short-term or long-term stays. Much like hotels, you pay per night for the duration of your stay and there aren’t additional charges for utilities or council tax.

As a minimum, your apartment will contain a kitchen or kitchenette, a bathroom, a living area and a sleeping area (or even multiple bedrooms!). A home from home.

You’ll also find that fresh linen is provided and your room will be regularly cleaned throughout your stay, just like when staying in a hotel.

What benefits do serviced apartments offer business travellers over hotels?

When travelling away from home for work you are often out all day on site, but this doesn’t mean that you only want a bed to rest your head once you’ve finished. Much like at home, you need somewhere comfy to relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. Somewhere to start your day in the right way, so you feel energised and ready. Something more than just a hotel room.

Serviced apartments offer a level of luxury that is hard to find in standard hotel rooms and one of the defining features of this is the additional space you get in an apartment. Lounge on the sofa while you relax, sit at the table while you work, and then, when you’re ready you can go to the bed to sleep. It sure beats having to orbit the bed regardless of what you are doing as you do in a hotel room.

Eating in restaurants with your friends is fun, but it’s a different story when you are by yourself or face the notion of having to do it for every meal for a length of time. Being able to cater for yourself in your own kitchen, and store food in the fridge, means that business travellers don’t have to eat out or order take away all of the time. Potentially saving them from a ton of junk food and the company on expenses.

Many serviced apartment owners will provide things to help their guests enjoy their leisure time. This will often include things like books, Netflix, and access to nearby gyms. These types of things can be greatly appreciated by business travellers in the evening, but for those who have to stay away from home over a weekend, they can be a huge asset.

Another benefit of serviced apartments for those who are staying for longer periods is that because there is more space and you can easily find apartments that have more than one bedroom, there is the option for their partner or family to come and visit them. Yes, they could all squeeze into a hotel room, but sometimes that’s just not practical – nor is it comfy!

If this has tempted you to try out a serviced apartment the next time you need to book accommodation for yourself or one of your colleagues then why not get in touch. We have apartments available across the East Midlands and offer fantastic rates for long term guests.

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